The world is quiet here: Farewell Erasmus Friends

(Writing an article in english for the first time ever, just because I want my international friends to understand).

On the 28th of November, I was having a great time with a bunch of friends. You know, the kind of party where you have that guy playing the guitar and that other one singing as loud as he can even if he does not know all the lyrics. That was pretty nice until I got Hurt by Johnny cash. Tears started crawling in my eyes but I did not cry. I went home, apologized to my roomate who was mad at me for not doing the dishes and saw that:

Why Finland? Why the fuck do you like it so much here Elsa you dumb shit?

I did not want to leave france. Leaving family and friends just semmed the worst thing ever. I just wanted to start my grown-up life, find a job and settle somewhere. Before I came to Vaasa, everybody told me it was a shitty city. Indeed, everything is expensive (just imagine paying 8euros for the worst beer ever "KOFF KOFF KOFF"), not much things to do, clubs are pretty lame and if you do not have a car you can not even go to the archipelago. My very first day here was (almost) the WORST day of my life, and I mean, I have always been a depressed piece of shit, but that day.... Damn, it was awful (lost luggage, rain, dirty clothes, no bed...).

And I ended up sick because of that stupid Koff!
However... The day after this one was great. We went by the sea to drink some beers with my lovely roomie, and met people. "Oh, that guy look nice. You, be my friend, please". It was that easy to be friend with that Ginger stupid irish/german fucktard.

Looks nice, indeed.

After that, it was just basically meeting new people everyday , and for me, it was pretty weird. But then that was it, we became a big group of friends, from different countries (even continents). The creepy guy from Salvador, the depressed piece of shit from the states, the overly friendly ginger, a bunch of angry italians, the funny girl from the netherlands, the smartass from germany, the cute international couple, the gay friend, luxembourg, belgium, russia, finland and so many more... Why do I love everyone here?! (If you recognize yourself in that list, consider yourself lucky, I love you. If you don't, just remember that my memory is as good as a goldfish's one, which means I still love you and just forgot to put you in that list).

First Fontana night. Right before that dumb french puked on me.


We play the guitar, listen to Johnny cash, drink beers... Even talk about Nietzsche and Kant from times to times. We see each other more than 5 times a week and I still like it.

Of course, we all miss our families and friends (and cats), but I have never seen anyone singing Don't stop me now like we do!

I like it here because life is quiet (of course, some of us tend to make it a bit louder...). Finland is an amazing (magnificent, awesome, prodigious, marvelous, fascinating...) place. I love the way life is easy here. The way we are free to steal boats or go out and see northern lights because, hey, shit happens. I can come home drunk (I mean, DRUNK) at 5 in the morning, and still be totally safe (well, if you dont consider the snow, the wind, the high chances of dying in the cold). Being a creep or a weirdo, just means you belong here.
We did odd shit, and sometimes the alcohol was not even enough to explain.

I love really thin pancakes.

Yoga time.
I'm flying Jack!
Not sure if bravery or stupidity?
Obviously, we ate and drank a lot.

Yes, ate a whole lot.
Ok, we drank too.

I said, a lot.
Some of us got their model carreer started here.

Hard work it was yes.

We are all saying that we want to see each other again while not quite sure it is really going to happen... I am. Be prepared to hear more about the annoying piece of shit that I am. I found more than friends here, family. I love each one and everyone of you, more than I thought I would actually do. Whoever is reading this is welcome to France, where ever I am because, I mean, "mi case es su casa, and you can squanch anywhere you want".